Supporting your Childs Health and Wellbeing

With the new school year starting, some students may already be anxious about what is to come.

Whilst we work with all students at school to give them ways of managing positive wellbeing, it is vital that the message is spread at home too. As well as this, there should always be open communication between school and home to ensure that nothing is missed when it comes to a students wellbeing.

The above infogram gives some ideas of how you can support from home, but there are some things on there that we may not always think of.

Share your feelings – Whilst you may think that hiding your anxieties about the students starting school may be good for them in the long run, if they are aware that you are actively hiding emotions, they may think that is what they should do. Being honest and open with these feelings can encourage them to do the same.

Validate their feelings – Whether you think their level of emotion or thought process is valid or not, they believe it is. If a child comes to you, validate the way they are feeling and work together to come up with ways of minimising the impact of the situation

Actively listen before offering advice – most of the other points on here are relating to things we know are good for our health – eating well, being active, drinking water, but do not underestimate the power of just letting someone talk.

If you have any concerns with your child’s health or wellbeing, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of their pastoral team.


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