Positivity Value

The wellbeing value of this term is positivity. In our lessons, we can show positivity in a lot of different ways, from using positive language to approaching tasks with enthusiasm. But it is harder to show positivity when you are approached with a challenging situation.

Negative emotions are unfortunately the most prominent in our decision making. When we are faced with a situation that we associate with negativity, our human instinct is to approach it to take care of the worst possible scenario.

To improve your positivity, we are trying to stop doing the following

Setting unrealistic expectations – thinking that you can only be successful if you reach certain goals, not taking into account your circumstances

Catastrophising – thinking the absolute worst of situations

Mistaking feelings for facts – only thinking about things from your perspective, based on the way you feel at that time

But how can we stop it?

Check for common thought holes – do you tend immediately go the worst possible scenario?

Collect evidence to paint an accurate picture of what’s happening

  • I pay attention in class
  • I do revision and attend extra clubs
  • I have done well in my exams in KS3
  • I am focused and willing to do what is needed to succeed in my results

Challenge your original negative thoughts – once you’ve collected all the information, is the original thought still the accurate one? 


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